Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pajama Day

According to Abigail there's nothing like Pajama Day at preschool. She's been talking about this since the school year started! Boy was she excited to wear her nightgown and slippers to school today!


She had to get those bunny wiskers (I know... they're mice) perfect before the picture was taken..

collage slippers, 2

collage eyes closed, 3

Not to take away the cuteness that a pajama day is but I have to tell the truth... I don't really like pajama day... yucky! Abigail doesn't know that those slippers will be going straight into the wash as soon as she comes home. Preschool floors, bathroom floors, I can't even think about it! Yuck!


  1. believe it or not.. I'm the mom that doesn't let my kids wear slippers on pajama day.. I think It's nasty :) She looks adorable by the way. Love the pigtails..

  2. Awww she looks so cute, my youngest has the same nightgown and loves pajama day too!
    Have a good night!


  3. oh my goodness is she ever adorable here - pigtails get me every time!! my youngest was equally excited for her kindergarten pj day years ago ... and in the middle of the night right before the big day, she got the tummy bug and was obviously unable to go to pj day - she was so heartbroken :( ... and she still talks about this trauma 5 years later!! so i know we talked about lenses ... which one did you use here? loving those super sharp eyes in the first shot!!

  4. Yeah...we are a "wash it as soon as you get home" kind of family too!!!:)
    But boy does she ever look adorable!!
    I agree with the eyes!
    have a happy day tara