Friday, March 2, 2012

A Cozy Afternoon

There's nothing like sitting in here


with my two girls

on an afternoon where there's no where to go (and dinner all done)

watching the snow falling down...

color doors

color window

Now this is how I like winter!

Playing around with black and white...

b&w dorrs

b&w window

no.. I think I'm a full color girl. I live to keep the memories as I saw them. Black and white is a bit too dramatic for me...


  1. Great pictures! We have rain here, but you can keep the snow! LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. WOw, you did get the snow! just a dusting for us last night. I think the girls would like at least one more pile to play in. Haven't taken b&w's in awhile. I agree with you...a bit too dramatic for me too!:0
    have a happy day tara
    love this song!!!!

  3. so pretty!! since we're on the coast, that was all rain for us :(:(


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