Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday ~ Summer in March

We've had summer here in Connecticut already and it's only March!  Usually the high temp might reach the 50's but yesterday we had 83!!! My oh my... we love it! 

These pictures were taken before I knew how to take pictures but I tried to fix them up in photoshop.  Taken back in June of 2009; Abigail had just turned two and Anna just turned 6. 

This was a tough time in our lives.  Anna was going through some tough stuff related to her adoption.  We started seeking help for her PTSD.  And although her diagnosis gave us a sense of relief the therapy she needed from us took every single ounce of energy.  That was almost 3 years ago; she's come so far since then.  In these pictures I see a six year old holding onto her toddler sisters hand for dear life.  She wouldn't let go because Abigail made her literally feel safe.  Abigail still does that for her.  Just last weekend we were at a function and Anna entered a room that was too crowded, too noisy, too much stimulation for her to feel safe and Abigail wouldn't hold her hand.  Anna left that scary situation so fast.  Now that she's older she doesnt' make Abigail protect her.  She now knows how to find us instead.  But there's a sister bond there that amazes me.  Imagine that a four year old would make an eight year old feel whole and safe?  Amazing. 




I can't get over the chubby baby arms Abigail has and those curls... golly!  And Anna with her little girl hair cut...



These pictures were taken so that my Dad could paint this... 


amazing, it's it?  I'm so lucky!

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.

Off to a crazy weekend with me and my girls.  Scott is away and there is so much to do.  I'm going to try to take some pictures and savor the moments with them. 


  1. Beautiful pictures and your dad is very talented!

    I have a blog award for you...when you get a chance stop by!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. hi tara ... we just returned from our time away with my family in Florida and WOW I can't even believe the weather up here - every bit as warm as where we were in Florida, it's crazy!! No complaints from me, that's for sure :) loving the beach shots and especially the painting that was made from them - so pretty!!

    hope you got my reply email from before our trip, i had lots to say - i love that 24-70 lens of yours, i was thinking about it thru our whole vacation!! enjoy the summertime weather, I know we sure are!!

  3. These photo's are beyond precious! Beautiful post-processing on all these GEORGEOUS photo's of your Little Angel's. Thanks for sharing another of your father's paintings. Yes, you are soooooo blessed that your father is an amazing artist and you and your daughters will "forever" have these "lifetime treasures". I can clearly see how very much your father loves you and her grand-daughters in his paintings:)
    God Bless,