Thursday, November 17, 2011

UCONN Book Fair

This past weekend we went to the Connecticut Children's Book Fair held at UCONN.  As an elementary school teacher for years; I am a long time lover of beautiful children's books and authors.  I love to collect signed copies of books.  And now that Scott is an elementary principal he loves them too.  It was the perfect event for all of us!  We decided to go on Saturday because Anna's all time favorite author, Grace Lin would be there.  We are of course thrilled that Anna loves this Chinese American author.  She weaves the Chinese culture into her novels and picture books.  This was not the first time we met her but she had some new books out that we hoped we could have singed for Anna.  She has always written the sweetest things to Anna in the cover. 

She gave a presentation that told her story.  She told of how she was once embarrassed that she was Chinese in an all Caucasian school to finding her way to being proud of her heritage.  Her message was beautiful and I'm so glad that we were there to hear it.  She also gave an illustration lesson. 

G Lin drawing

While Anna and I were looking over books in the room i spotted Scott with Abigail at a little activity table... with Clifford! He was sitting with her coloring!

clifford 1

I scooted over quickly to get these shots. At first she was shy. but then she warmed up.

clifford 2

And then I think she wondered why he was staying there so long.

clifford 3

Clifford helped her color her pages, and signed her book. So cool! She has a new pal!

clifford 4

Anna was nervous waiting in line to talk with Grace Lin. She kept asking me what she should say. Grace Lin was gracious and kind. She spent time with Anna and signed all of her books. It was a special moment.

Grace Lin

Although the book fair was mostly about author signings and presentations there were several book characters walking around. It was a fun afternoon!

with pig

anna at home

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