Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A New Medicine

Abigail had to start a new medicine today.  And you can tell by the pictures she was positive she didn't want to try it. 


To start, she hates fruit, all fruit. So when I told her the directions said that it had to be mixed with applesauce she was upset.

looking at spoon, hands together

I'm not sure if she's praying that she doesn't really have to take it or what!

covering mouth

And this goes on for about 15 whole minutes (even with dairy free chocolate chips ready to be eaten the second she's done). It's quite a thing to add to our before preschool morning routine! I thought it was hard to get out the door on time before!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry Abigail!
    Hope the medicine goes down easier next time!!
    Great picture of the spoon close up...depth of field right? I think I have the term right but still no idea how to do it!!:)
    have a happy night tara


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