Monday, November 21, 2011

A Look Back ~ part 3

Day 3:
Monday was Halloween.  No costumes to school.  No Halloween school parties.  No nursery school mini parade in costume.  Even our mayor left an emergency message cancelling Halloween for our town.  It was just too dangerous to be walking around outside. 

We headed to my parents who had power a few towns away.  My brother, sister in law and their kids were staying there.  Did some laundry, we all ate together, and the kids trick or treated.  It was small but sweet.  Anna didn't say anything but I know that she's disappointed she didn't get to trick or treat in her own neighborhood and Abigail wanted her little nursery school costume party.  It was a different Halloween.  Scott and I were getting concerned about our frig system (out in the snow) mostly because of Abigail's allergies.  We really are not supposed to eat out with her.  And I was concerned about my frozen "Abigail food" that was packed in the snow.  I didn't know how long the power would be off and how long it would last. 

My Halloween portraits reflect my not in the mood, mood... but the girls were the cutest owls ever!  I was just so disappointed that they missed Halloween at school.

Halloween 5

They choose to be owls because Scott's school mascot is an owl named KIP (knowledge is power). The girls were each given a "KIP" from the retiring principal. They've been favorites ever since!

Halloween 4

Connecticut is quite cold by the end of October so they were wearing long sleeved pink leotards, pink ruffled turtlenecks, tights and the fluffy costume. We were planning on a lot more outside time at Halloween but were grateful to go Trick or Treating at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Halloween 7

Halloween 6

Halloween 3

Halloween 2

halloween 1

They had a fun night with their cousins (also getting away from their power outage). It was certainly a Halloween we will never forget!

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