Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend starting with Thanksgiving...

anna up close

girls with coats

girls dresses and wands

Abigail feel asleep in the car on the way...

arriving holding abi

I love this one of her bear peeking over her sleepy shoulder.

arriving holding abi 2

Grandma and the turkey. This is the way Abigail always looks at food, scared.

mom and turkey

"Every house needs a Grandma in it."  Lousia May Alcott

Handmade turkey for Grandma and Grandpa


And a fun evening with cousins


The rest of the weekend I didn't really have my camera out, but we packed a lot in.  On Friday Scott and I attended out 20th High School reunion.  (sorry, no pictures)  It brought back a lot of memories; we were just kids then....  On Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving with Scott's family, and on Sunday we decorated head to toe Christmas (except for our real living room tree).  We stayed up too late all weekend and loved every minute.  I love the house all Christmas'ed' up... now to get organized and get the week going.  i know that these next four weeks of holiday magic will fly by as they always to.  I'm going to soak it in, every little bit!


  1. I agree...lets soak it all in!:)
    What sweet dresses your girls have.
    Sounds like your weekend was a lot like ours...decorating, fun and no time for picture taking!!
    have a happy day tara

  2. Girls look adorable! Hope you have a wonderful week!