Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

annas turkey art

It's hard to imagine that today is Thanksgiving. I know everyone says that every year but I usually don't. It doesn't seem possible, and it sure seems like I missed a month of fall somewhere. Maybe it was the strange power outage Halloween. Without my traditions (as little as they were for Halloween) it didn't seem like it happened.)

Well, Thanksgiving is here and I want to remember what I feel so very thankful for this year.

My awesome groom of 15 years, Scott. He is my best friend and I am so blessed to share life with him.

Anna , I love how we get to see what she'll be like a little bit more each day. Her humor mixed with her real fears make up who she is.

I am so thankful that Anna loves, loves, loves, loves to read. I told her last night that I dreamed of having a daughter that had a huge stack of chapter books from the library waiting to be read.

Abigail, my little strawberry princess.

I am so thankful that she is my little cuddle bug. I love the way she has to have me touching her in the morning. She can't start the day until she's touching me. Oh, how I love that she needs her cuddles in the morning and when she's over tired in the late afternoons.

Sisters. I and so thankful that these girls are so very close. They do everything together. They are inseparable. I am thankful that Anna still is "little" in her play and they (for lack of a better word) match up as playmates. They are usually not even apart when one has to use the bathroom.

My home

My minivan. I know that's weird but I love that car!  It just 'works' with kids. 

The way Scott and I shut down the house together each night and head up to sleep together. It's been like that for 15 years.

Date nights at home... just the way we like them. Going out is just not for us. There's nothing like knowing your girls are tucked in safe and sound dreaming happy dreams and having a special dinner just the two of you. Maybe it's that I like my cozy clothes much better then getting all jazzed up to go out. But really it's that I think our conversations are longer and our talks are deeper than what would happen out for dinner.

Memories. Sweet memories of Holidays past from when I was little. This time of year I can't help but think of and miss my Grandparents. The squeeze of my Grandpa's hand, the taste of my Grandma's cooking. I'm grateful that Anna and Abigail are making those memories right now.

Christmas is here but it's not here... you know what I mean. The excitement has started. They girls are officially allowed to take out the Christmas music and kids movies on Thanksgiving and yet I still don't have that Christmas panic yet.

Being a stay at home mom. I can't believe that I'm still home. Not one day goes by that I'm not grateful for having the wonderful oportunity to raise my daughters, to be there for my husband, and to not have to be torn in two different directions trying to juggle teaching and this precious life we have in our family at home. I know that many have to, I know that many want to, but I know that I couldn't. I'm so grateful that Scott has shared this dream for our little family, and that God has provided a way.

I suppose if I stayed here late enough I could keep going and going and going. But for now I'll stop.

Happy Thanksgiving 2011. We are off to my parents house for Thanksgiving day where my brother and his family will also be. On Friday Scott and I will head out (yikes, not my thing) to our 20 year High School reunion. And on Saturday we'll go to Scott's family to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. It will sure be a packed weekend, but a good one too. I can't wait to get started.

Welcome Holiday 2011, welcome!!!

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