Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It was a super fun, busy, family and friends weekend. On Saturday we went to the Hartford Marathon. Our wonderful friend ran the half (13.1 miles) and we were so happy for him; we just had to go and cheer him on!


With his wife and my dear friend...

todd and mb

And we also went because Scott raises money with his school by doing the whole marathon. Their gym teacher ran the whole 26.2 miles and each participating child ran a mile with the teacher. Scott had fun running the first seven to kick it off.
Here his is with Anna waiting for his school to finish!

scott and anna

Abigail was there too!

abi stroller

It really is so exciting to watch the runners come close to the finish of 26 miles. Such energy in the crowd... it's fun to be on that side!

race finish

The arch... the finish!!!  I get so excited for these runners because I've done it.  I know the feeling of seeing the finish just steps away.  The pain is almost gone!  We didn't get to see him but my Dad and brother biked the marathon as volunteers to help out any of the runners.  I've got a thing for marathons, and lots of memories being the crowd as a little girl waiting for my dad to finish! 


When we were done watching we did Abigail's favorite thing in the whole world!

abi carousel 2

abi carousel

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