Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun at the Fall Festival ~ part 2

May they always stay young enough to get so excited when they see "face painting"!  Simple as it was they loved it.  "It tickles," says Abigail!

abi face painting

When they were done I took a picture so they could see their faces.

face painted abi

Abigail spent the rest of the day meowing.

Anna said, "I need my hat back on to hold my hair back." I love this picture of her face; she looks young.

face painted anna

Walking through the corn maze with Grandpa.

corn maze abi

corn maze anna

This was cute. They had a little "race track" with toddler go-cart type bikes. As you can see, Abigail needed a bit of help going up hill.

go carts abi



  1. Oh how cute ~ LOVE that last picture with Grandpa!! :)

  2. Aubrey has never had her face painted...wonder how that would go??:)
    Beautiful day, Beautiful family!!
    (love anna's serious hiding in the corn pose!!:) )
    have a happy day