Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Afternoon in An Apple Orchard... more

Sometimes I just don't have the time to get through all of my pictures.  That's when my posts are only one picture.  It's my little reminder to stay on an event so that I don't forget about it.  I want all things here since I'm so behind on the girls photo albums.  So bear with my boring posts that seem to go on for days of the same thing.... this time apple picking.

Sometimes I think about what my pictures might looks like. I plan out the girls clothes and get everything ready. I take a ton of pictures and this time I was so disappointed in myself; they were so overexposed. I had to do a ton of editing to get them decent. The open sky lighting tends to throw me off a bit. The girls move around so quickly and the light changes with each step. Anyway...

We had a lovely, purely lovely afternoon on Sunday at an Apple Orchard.

Here's Abigail's spontaneous jump shouting, "I LOVE apple picking!!!"

abi jumping

Anna laughing at something, not sure what. Love Abigail adoring her sister in the background. Don't you love when you capture that?

anna laughing

Pure sweetness


Anna LOVED the "up high apple picker" By the end she had a nice technique going with it!

anna reaching

Showing her sister

showing abi

Little hands, how I love her little hands...

abi reaching apple

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  1. Great pictures, love their smiling faces! Have a wonderful week!