Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Movin on to the kitchen

We've had a white kitchen since we moved here in 2001.  White counters, white cabinets, white walls.  I always loved the "blank slate" for all of the seasonal decorating I love to do.  (this is December)

But recently I'm needing a change.  I think it's the long winter and really just needing spring.  But Scott is willing to paint to help me through the end of February and March.  So we're (oops, there I go again, Scott is) painting it a light grayish blue.  The inspiration was from these mugs I love.

After so many years of white and white, I'm a bit nervous about blue... but excited too! 

It took lots of trials to find the right blue.  The first few we tried looked a bit purplish on the walls; Abigail sure would have loved it1 


  1. blue will look so pretty!!!! I am itching for new paint as well.. a green for the bedroom I think... but don't tell dave, i have to do it when he is gone... he can't stand anything about painting :) much easier to get him to agree to it if he just comes home and it looks better :)

  2. Oh I think that is a perfect color choice! i love that shade of blue together with white. I would love to brighten and whiten our kitchen a bit too, but we have pretty dark cabinets and counter tops....what's a girl to do? Any ideas???:)
    Have a happy night

  3. Can't wait to see pictures of your kitchen :)