Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Scott has a day off...

otherwise titled... I'm in Heaven

It's been a while since we've (oh, I mean Scott) has repainted the hallway.  It's a big job and it makes me so happy.  The smell of clean, fresh, paint in my house makes me giddy.  Really, it does.  Not a new color but just a much needed touch up... ahh! 

Do kids always have to touch the walls on their way up the stairs every time?  These are the befores and I can see their little handprints going all the way up the stairs.  I love their hands,  just the paint has started looking greyish. 

Got this paint color from my friend Liz.  (thanks Liz, do you remember this color?)  I stil love it! 

By the way, when did paint go up in price so much?  $110 for two gallons?  Really? 


  1. Looks great, I love your entryway! :-)

    Have a great day!


  2. Tara it looks so beautiful!! Ben Moore is ridiculously expensive!! And oh how I love that arch in your doorway!!

  3. The thought of fresh paint makes me giddy! So I sooo get where you are coming from!
    The color is beautiful!
    Have a happy day