Friday, February 4, 2011

Views from my Kitchen Sink

I have to say happy one year blogaversary (is that a word yet?) to Pam.  I love her blog to pieces. It's one of those real life ones.  When I read it I really feel like I get to know her down to earth personality.  I love her home and it's home -e- ness!  It seems to ooze with yummy smells in the kitchen to warm family gatherings in the dining room.  Pam has inspired me to try some new recipes, try out new traditions, reattach my self to some old ones that I'd let go, and just remember to soak up every minute with my little one at home.  Thanks Pam! 

So here's my view from my kitchen sink. The window looks over my back yard.  I can see the Middle School that Scott once taught at years ago when I was first a stay at home mom.  I can also see the girls playscape.  (the one they love in the late fall and winter but would never go on in the summer for fear of spiders), and snow, more snow than I've ever seen out this window.  Oh, and the white picket fence with the arbor.  So pretty.  I really do love my kitchen.  Sure there are tons of things I'd change.  I've got a running list in my head but kitchen changes are oh so expensive! 


  1. What a lovely blog ... !!!

    - Smita
    (fun foods for picky lil eaters )

  2. Tara! Love your view!! It's so pretty! I love your jars and your bowls and mugs...thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. What a lovely view! We have lots of snow too and I was just thinking how wonderful your hot chocolate and marshmallow jars look! :-)

    Have a wonderful evening!