Monday, February 14, 2011

Gone for Good

So, it wasn't a mouse.  That's good.  But it was a squirrel!!!  In our playroom!!!  It was horrible and I'm just so glad it's gone!  Oh how we love our finished basement.  Playroom for the girls, my desk, calendar, and everything I need to be organized, extra refrig and pantry, cedar closet, exercise area,  huge extra closet for toys that Anna has always called "feels like new" because I rotate toys so they always feel like new. And we were locked out.

So no computer for 5 days put me behind a bit.  I could have used Scott's laptop but I kept thinking, I'll be down there tonight for sure.  And then another day went by. 

So after the squirrel was gone operation clean up as Scott called it began.  This playroom has never been so clean.  I love it even more.  So now I attempt to catch up with photos and all of your blogs.  It feels so good to be back! 

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