Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thanksgiving Weekending

"All the magic I've ever known I've had to make myself" Shel Silverstein 

The morning after Thanksgiving I organized all of the girls clothes in their closets and drawers - it's a monthly thing I do. I don't mind at all - in fact I could list 'children's clothes' as one of my hobbies for sure. (if that were a thing)

I love to buy at the end of a season when everything is on sale - I buy a size ahead and save it all winter, all summer, all fall until that next season. I took everything out of the bags it came in (obviously needs an iron) and got it all organized. I look for areas where we need a few things and order those. Anna needed a few Christmas tops so those are on the way.

TG weekend 1

TG weekend 2

TG weekend 3

TG weekend 4

TG weekend 5

TG weekend 6

TG weekend 7

After I take them all out I label them all for the different events in December. The 'rules' have always been that I pick the Christmas Eve Mass dress, the Christmas Day dress, and the girls get to pick and choose from all of the other things. I punch a hole in an index card in hanging on a hanger it goes!

TG weekend 8

TG weekend 9

On Friday we picked out our tree... and that deserves it's own post coming soon!

TG weekend 10

We started reading Christmas stories - you're never to old for picture books.

TG weekend 11

Saturday night is 'on the couch' date night for Scott and I. He made this yummy drink for us: cranberry juice (tart, no sugar), club soda, fresh lime, and touch of honey for sweetness.

TG weekend 12

On Sunday afternoon Abigail had a sweet friend over - they made frozen hot chocolates.

TG weekend 13

And guess what else?! I've been waiting for this alllllll year long.... S N O W... Christmas snow.

Fos-ted Win-dow Panes I kept singing to myself...

TG weekend 14

I am quite sure that the angels decided it would be the P E R F E C T weekend for the **first** snow. Yes, there is nothing in the world to a New Englander than that first snow - especially a romantic one like me.

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