Friday, September 13, 2019

Making It a Welcome Home

backyard fence

I am quite certain that one of the things my girls will remember is how our home felt.

There are so many parts that can be.

Words. Those are possibly the most important part. Kindness, genuine interest, a soft answer, time for lots of words and talking.

The way I arrange and decorate and make our home look. That is is a part of it too.

And making it welcome to come home to.

This little garden path, under the arbor is how Abigail comes home. Anna did too, years ago. This is from years ago when the girls were planting the flowers that grew up the arbor.




The path had gotten overgrown and the ground muddy. The garden gate didn't work well and the whole area was just awful.

So the last week of summer, back in August, Scott and Abigail worked to spruce it up. They dug and got new gravel. They widened the path and made it a happy place to come home to.



Down the path, through the backyard, up to the porch, and through the back door. Welcome home my girls, welcome home.

porch 12

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