Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Last Day - I Love Summer

It was just days ago {last Friday to be exact} but it seems like a long time ago already.

I miss them so, those sweet 23 4th graders. And I'm still getting emails from them and from parents. At some point in the summer I'll start preparing for a new year with a new class with some new inspiration - but not yet.

Right now I'm going closet by closet, room by room, and taking it back. Pink peonies at Trader Joes help to summer up each room. I'm loving having my girls with me all day. And summer is wonderful.

What do I remember about the last day? It was a 'rushy' morning, as they always are.

I remember my classroom feeling empty with so much of their work off of the walls.

I remember slipping on my green and blue dress {green and blue are my classroom colors} and pink flats. My hair didn't come out good - but that doesn't matter.

Both Abigail and I grabbed our jean jackets as we were running out the door because it was a cool, really cool morning.

So here's to June 14th {also my mom's birthday}. The earliest we've ever gotten out of school in my whole entire life! {only 2 snow days this year}.

Thank you God for a wonderful school and room 124 filled with 182 days of learning and memories. And thank you for the ten weeks that stretch out before us; being home.



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