Monday, June 24, 2019

Abigail is Twelve

Abigail turned twelve - twelve!!!

And we had the most wonderful day celebrating her life.

We are so grateful for this little one, blessing from Heaven that God sent us just twelve short years ago.

home 1

Her birthday was on May 18th and it was a Saturday so we were thrilled that we could all be together and we planned something GRAND for her!

Because she deserves it!

home 2

In the morning she woke up to a pile of presents and balloons on the kitchen table.

home 3

home 4

It was a little bit of a surprise for her since we usually celebrate around dinnertime with a cake and presents after. But we had something else in mind for the day and needed to get started right away.

home 5

home 6

home 7

So instead of a birthday dinner and cake, she had sprinkles birthday pancakes and presents right after!

home 8

home 9

home 10

home 11

We couldn't wait for her to start opening!

home 12

home 13

home 14

home 15

Her first present was a sprinkles dress for her doll Mary Ellen. (her family party coming up was a sprinkles theme and so this dress was perfect)

home 16

home 17

Abigail loves to make little 'scenes' around holidays with her dolls and she had already set up a birthday scene. This was perfect for her favorite doll.

home 18

home 19

home 20

home 21

Cutest present ever I think!

home 22

home 23

home 24

One tradition that I have with my girls is that they get to wear something new on their actual birthday and this is what I picked out for Abigail.

home 25

And now the fun really began - a surprise for our little girl. Boy I sure do love surprising my girls.

home 26

home 27

Surprise One: A day trip to Mystic Aquarium (we love that place)

The ***best*** part of this part was that were going THAT DAY!

home 28

home 29

home 29

Surprise Two: The gift shop there is wonderful and we knew she would love this part.

home 30

home 31

home 32

Surprise Part Three: wait for it....

home 33

... her reaction!!!

home 34

love her face there!

"You are going to MEET the penguins at mystic aquarium at a Penguin Encounter"

home 35

home 36

and she RAN straight into her daddy's arms!

home 37

home 38

And so she changed into her birthday dress and we headed out the door for Mystic Aquarium and straight to the Penguin Encounter program.

Meet "blue, blue" (yup, that's his name)

We got to spend an hour and half with him!!! 

mystic 1

mystic 2

He was the sweetest penguin and we fell in love with him.

mystic 3

mystic 4

Abigail was thrilled to meet him.

mystic 5

mystic 6

And we learned oh so much about him!

mystic 7

Blue blue was super attached to his trainer and he wanted to crawl right up in her lap.

mystic 8

She got to listen to his heart beat. And we just had a wonderful time together. All day long in the aquarium.

mystic 9

Then that evening when we were home we had a yummy cake (I got to bake it the night before in my new baking center - my first cake there)

cake 1

cake 2

Look at that precious face - how am I that blessed?

cake 3

cake 4

There is no one Abigail loves more in this world than her sister Anna.

cake 5

cake 6

cake 7

cake 8

And just at that moment (because that's when I believe a child turns another year older) she turned twelve.

cake 9

cake 10

cake 11

And her daddy and I are so thankful that she is ours.

cake 12

And we ate this fudgey yummy cake ... and celebrated our special girl.

cake 13

I wanted one more picture with my baby... these make me laugh. First she makes a silly face...

cake 14

... then I'm like 'come on Abigail'...

cake 15

... then she's laughing...

cake 16

... now hysterical...

cake 17

... and there you go!

cake 18

... blessed beyond measure...

cake 19

Happy birthday darling daughter. I love you oh so much!


  1. Looks like she had the LOVELIEST day! Can't believe she is 12! <3

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  2. Happy 12th Birthday Abigail! What an amazing day! My 12 year old would love that penguin encounter just as much, such a great experience. Now if only we could keep them little forever!

  3. What an absolutely perfect day to celebrate your baby girl!!!!!!!
    I love all the photos...but my favorite???
    You with your arm up saying "Come on!"
    I love it!!!!!!!

  4. I'm sure this is a birthday she will always remember. Juliana loved looking at these pictures and had decided she wants to do the same thing for one of her birthdays! :)
    I love all of the pictures but I think the last six might be my favorite. They really captured her silly personality.