Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Abigail's 12th Birthday Party

party 45

The very next weekend we had a family birthday party for Abigail - she was so cute and designed the sprinkles themed invitations on the computer and we ordered them up.

It was a sunny and pretty spring day here and we celebrated our girl all afternoon.

{and it was sooooOooooo much fun to baking in the baking center that day - there were a few touches that still weren't done but I was already moved in}

party 1

party 2

party 3

The night before Abigail and I were busy -- we dipped glass sundae cups into melted chocolate and then rolled them around in sprinkles - yum!

party 4

It sure did make a mess but they came out dazzling!

party 5

One down - so much more to goooooo

party 6

And then we dipped strawberries in chocolate and sprinkles.

party 7

Now a word about how a birthday party changes for our family once you're twelve:
kindergarten through fifth grade (all of elementary school) I hosted a BIG *themed* over the top * birthday party for all of the girls in the class. Once middle school comes along a theme is still fine but only for the family party. No more "all of the girls in the class" big party. I think that 6 years of that is enough. So the friend part turns into something fun to do with a special friend. And this is one very special friend to Abigail. So she came over just before the family party to celebrate with Abigail. What was really fun was that I surprised Abigail - she had no idea when she answered the door that her friend was coming to be with her.

They are the cutest together!

party 8

Meanwhile, Scott was out getting the balloons and I was outside decorating.

party 9

Abigail made the favors all by herself - each family guest {and her friend} got to take home a box of waffle cones and a mini jar of sprinkles.

party 10

And then in the 2.8 seconds after her friend left and before family arrived I took a few pictures of my girl so that I could always remember what twelve looked like on her. {darling I think}

party 11

party 12

party 13

party 14

party 15

party 16

She is growing into such a beautiful girl. Losing {for sure} some of her little girl ~ness, but still as sweet as pie.

party 17

Now I know these are blurry as anything but I still love them so much {thanks Anna for taking them}

party 18

party 19

One of her daddy and our girl...

party 20

And one of me and my girl!

party 22

My favorite of the day...

party 21

party 23

We ate and talked with cousins. And we enjoyed the warmer temps {finally} of spring!

party 24

party 25

Then Anna prepped the sheet cake I made the night before.

party 26

party 27

party 28

And we sang...

party 29

party 30

Love her little cousin looking up at her.

party 32

and love this look on her face as well as Anna smiling in the background.

party 33

party 34

party 31

party 35

Birthday's belong to children... oh yes they do!

party 36

party 37

It was so much fun!

party 38

party 39

party 40

party 41

party 42

After family left and we were cleaning up Abigail noticed the sky - "look at the sky mama!" It was magnificent.

party 43

Just the perfect ending to celebrating twelve...

party 44


  1. Your baking center is amazing!! Can I come over and bake with you?
    Happy Birthday Abigail!! I love the party favors.. such a fun idea!

  2. You do birthdays right, Tara~
    I can see you baking away in that perfect baking center.
    So much love!!!!!!

  3. Awe! So sweet!! Happy birthday to Abigail. What a wonderful way to celebrate!