Thursday, May 16, 2019

Anna's Confirmation 2

pre 8

A tiny bit on what is going on on regular days - I soooo want to blog school. I have so many teaching post ideas but I don't want to get behind on our family life so just a bit of what is going on.

So it's a 4 weeks of school to go - and that means is crazy in my fourth grade classroom. Here in Connecticut when it's May we are all so so happy that winter is over - sunshine is abundant - and the children in my classroom sometimes go over to the window and drool. Okay, well not really drool, but it sure is challenging to keep them in the usual routine - and it's a lot of work to spice things up for them -

On to more of Anna's wonderful Confirmation!!! (my feelings and part 1 back here)

Anna doesn't ask for much, at all. I wanted her big day to feel pretty to her. She's been through so much with they way she sees her self lately because of allergies to meds and rashes. (I talked about it back here) So I treated her to her the Blow Dry Bar. They only wash and blow dry so they are really good at it.

Just a few phone pictures from that afternoon -

hair 1

hair 3

hair 4

hair 5

hair 6

After we got home we ate dinner really early and then she started getting ready

pre 2

I took a few of just her before getting dressed.

pre 4

Testing the lighting but I love my husband here - always ready to go for a picture as the girls run into place after him.

pre 5


pre 6

I want to freeze us just like this.

pre 7

Blessed more than I could imagine

pre 9

and then off to church we went - more coming tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations, Anna!
    You look lovely!
    And are. stunning!

  2. What a special treat! She's so pretty, Anna. The teen years are so difficult because of how much the body is changing, physically and emotionally. I would never want to relive mine.