Friday, May 17, 2019

Anna's Confirmation 3

I'm so sorry that I'm going so slow - it would be much better to have this all in one post. But little chunks are what I can manage right now - and honestly I think it's awesome I'm even here, ha! The end of the year for a mama in general is nuts, the end of the school year for a mama who is a teacher is crazy! The end of the school year for a mama who is a teacher, whos husband is also in education is insane. But I won't give up my precious memories and I won't blog them when the feelings are not fresh in my head - so I jump on here for bits of time as I can. Thanks for bearing these short, slow posts.

pre 10

We drove to our church and took a few pictures right in the spot where we had taken a few on Anna's First Communion.

pre 11

Anna had to wait in the Urban Center while Abigail was in charge of handing out programs.

church 1

church 2

This is Anna's Confirmation sponsor. She is such a sweet person and wonderful to Anna. We are blessed to call her family our closest 'church' friends.

church 3

I talked more about it back here in my first post - when feelings were fresh in my heart - but a this was the moment Anna was kneeling in front of the Bishop with her sponsors hand on her shoulder. Music was playing and my heart was so full at this moment.

church 4

church 5

church 6

church 7

My brother and his family braved the dark, very cold, and pouring rain Monday night to join us.

church 8

church 9

and (not a great photo but its the only one I have) the grandparents of course too.

church 10

A perfect pair, these two.

church 11

I love the look on Anna's face here, looking at him.

church 12

Of course (like it seems to go too many times, ugh!) he was captivated by Abigail (there is just something about her that people are drawn to - makes them want to talk to her - and that's wonderful, we love it - most of the time) So there were about 15 pictures of this...

church 13

and then the evening was over. That night Anna said, "that was such a wonderful evening." We are all so blessed.

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