Monday, May 20, 2019

Camarata Concert

Anna is in a select high school orchestra called Camarata. On Sunday afternoon there was an amazing concert.

I don't have any photos of Anna - she's a violist and the viola section is behind the cellos. Anna is meant to be a violist and I don't go to her orchestra concerts to see her but to hear her. 

But I want to document here and not forget. 


I gave her a huge hug when we saw her after and again later that night. I'm in awe of her - and it still amazes me that she's in such a talent orchestra.

Here is just a poor quality phone clip of a one of the songs:

Oh lucky am I that I get to sit and listen to such beautiful music?

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  1. Yes you are lucky to be able to listen to such beautiful music. I love th songs they played.