Tuesday, January 8, 2019

This Week

I just watched the video I made (last post before this one) of our cozy Christmas house and I longed for it again, the lights, the glorious tree in our living room. Is it time to decorate again? As soon as I have Christmas all packed away I start saying my girls, "can we start decorating for Christmas?" They giggle and tell me I have to wait a long time.

I love my home right now. Cozy winter decorated, a fresh start. A bit of pink for Valentines day that's coming. But our home was built for Christmas!  So I'll wait, but only until November 1st... there's no holding me back after that!

I'm not quite sure where to start back here on this blog. There is so much Christmas to document and so many wonderful things in December. Maybe I should start by taking that chip out of my camera - I'm just not sure when that will be. Since this is my current schedule:

4:50 alarm - workout - 3 loads of laundry - Bible time - showered, dressed - smoothie for Anna and and egg - french toast for Abigail - make beds, change one set of sheets - drive Anna to school - pop home in time to do Abigail's hair - drop off Abigail - drive to my school - teach 4th graders from 8:30-3:20 - home - eat dinner with all of us - do some correcting papers and whatever school work I need to do - a bit around the house - tuck Abigail in and read to her - help Anna a bit - make myself a hot cuppa tea and go to sleep

But I adore my life and I love love teaching so I count all that I do all day long as a privilege. I am so blessed to mother my girls and to teach - it is so joy filled!

But I will get all of that on this blog of my because I don't want to forget one little moment. I'll start with pictures tomorrow ...

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