Monday, August 13, 2018

Cruise To Canada ~ part 2

Current - right now my head is swarming with classroom library ideas and bulletin board ideas. Abigail (my super classroom helper) and I have been starting to pop in each day for about 3 hours but even when I'm home I'm list making and online searching, and talking through everything with my principal husband. It's a good good, grateful feeling. Exciting and exhilarating but consuming.  Really mind consuming. It's hard for me to concentrate on looking back on my summer here on the blog. But I want to, to remember. And so if you'll bear with me I need to go bit by bit, day by day with this vacation. Manageable chunks is how my life is for the next two weeks before school starts.  

Day One: Aboard the Ship in Boston

We rented a car at home and headed to Boston (a little under 2 hours) in the morning. When we got to the crusise turminal Scott drove the car and dropped it off and walked back to where we were waiting. We got all checked in and boarded the ship. Easy as can be. And then after dropping all of our bags in our cabin we explored the ship!






It was pretty cool to see Boston off in distance! And we were so so excited to be on the first day of our family summer vacation!




...and pretty exciting when we started moving! The boats in the harbor and the tug boats that led us out to sea!



Nights were the coolest out on deck. Sometimes a bit windy but so awesome to see all that sky!



We spent the first evening at dinner (oh that dining room and oh getting served those special meals each night) and just exploring. We got all cozy in our bed kind of early since the next day was going to be our first fun stop! I loved all sleeping in the same cabin, all tucked in and cozy together. We were rocked to sleep and dreaming of adventures ahead.

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  1. Love!
    Love the feeling of being all tucked in that cabin together.
    And Tara, you look stunning. : )