Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wisdom and a Blessing

I had just finished the second to last chapter of a book I'm reading to Abigail at bedtime.  I did what we always do.  I turned out the light.  I put the blanket over Noel's sleepover cage so he could go to sleep.  I turned on Raffi and the sound machine.  And then like I always do I laid down next to her.  Nose to nose.  I could feel her breathing on my face.  And she said something so wonderful, so powerful to me I tried to memorize it as she was speaking and then I rushed down after I closed the door to try to type it here.

But I can't remember exactly what her sweet voice said. 

But I want to try to remember.  I remember that she is filled with the Holy Spirit.  She speaks for a heart full of faith and closeness to God that takes my breath away. 

But I can't remember exactly what her sweet voice said. 

Something like...

I'm really proud of you mama.  You really had some really tough kids that tested your love and patience  And God used them to stretch and widen your patience and love and now you're going to be an even better teacher next year.  I'm really proud of you.  


It is the last day of school tomorrow.  And I feel too emotional to reflect.  I will.  But not yet.  Right now I just feel blessed. 

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