Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Anna Turned 15!

On June 10th Anna turned 15.  We planned our grandparent party for after final exams so she could really enjoy herself. 


So on her birthday it was just the way we like it, just the four of us. 


She had the dinner she wanted and red velvet cake.  She opened presents and smiled a lot. 




This girl is well past 'becoming' a teenager.  She is in the thick of it.  But, honestly, I love teenagers.  I do.  Of course I only know one but I love this one so much!  Teens get a bad rap I think.  Anna's hobby is studying.  She plays with her sister.  She's funny.  And super smart.  I think the thing that suprises me most about this teen is that she is FULl of wisdom.  She'll hear me talking to Scott about something on my mind, pop in, give her two cents, and I'm always like, "ooooh!"  Her perspectives are refreshing and they often reflect the sweetness that I raised her to be. 

I love her so.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Dearest Anna!
    And yes, Mom, teenagers bring a new whole new level of love. : )

  2. Happy Birthday Anna!!! Great job mama for raising such a wonderful young lady :)

  3. Happy Birthday Anna! Red velvet is one of my top two favorite kinds of cake. Did you make the cake Tara? I love the wrapping paper her gifts are wrapped in.

  4. Happy birthday, beautiful Anna!!! It looks like you had a lovely party for her. :) That cake looks delicious!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  5. Birthday blessings to Anna!!