Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Principal in My Classroom

Scott came to my school last Friday. He read to my class and took pictures of me with each individual student. (It's for an end of year present for my class)


It was the sweetest morning ever. Like my love meeting my little loves. It was so special because those 4th graders have a piece of my heart and I wanted my heart to meet them.

He knows allllll about them already but to meet them was wonderful.

He read a lovely book and taught them about the theme of friendship along the way.



At the end he opened it up to questions... any questions and I was in awe how he facilitated the class discussions. I watched as he commanded my class with ease. I know I should't be surprised, he's a principal after all... but still I wanted and knew he was mine, but he felt all 'brand new' to me. And I couldn't have loved him more.



  1. This is so special in so many ways. I bet the kids loved having him there! I remember when I was teaching (before I had my own children), and for Catholic Schools Week, the school kids, their families, and the faculty & staff went roller skating on a Friday night. My kids thought it was so great to see "Mr. Hughes" in real life.