Tuesday, March 8, 2016


By the time the girls got home from school today (actually at 1:30 because it was an early dismissal) it was 62 out.  Sun shining.  Anna kicked off her flats that she wore all day in school.  And she dug for her llbean lobster flip flops.  Abigail just settled for her winter "brown boots"  I guess that's a March warm day for you.  Brown fuzzy inside warm boots and flip flops.  It all works.


Winter must be over.  Was there a winter?  I love winter.  Because I love cozy.  And dark outside.  And warm inside.  And fireplaces.  And snow.  And us.

But spring is here and change is good.  The girls sure are happy.  And that makes me happy, so I think I'll join them.  On the swings and in the happy they feel in their hearts for warmth. (a song)


  1. It seems so strange to have you post winter pictures with no snow. Us on the other hand have been having a cold and rainy winter.
    Love the picture of the girls on the swing...

  2. I'm sure happy for warmer temperatures, especially for our move! :-) Have a great day and enjoy the beautiful weather!



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