Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I feel just the same way about mothering as I did eleven years ago when I became a mother. Just the same. Totally passionate like its the only thing that matters in my life. Because (after my marriage) it IS the ONLY thing that matters in my life.

And with that passion comes daily decisions that reflect those feelings,

how we spend our time (TOGETHER)
how we spend our money
how we eat
how I decorate
what we read
what this home 'feels' like (the atmosphere is so important to me)

Every little thing just goes back to my girls and raising them. With purpose. With intent. With faith.

This Holy Week is so special to me. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday at Mass I feel such a calm and peace. I love my Catholic heritage and am so grateful for my parents for raising me deep in the faith and in the Church. My Mom's faith was (and is) the cornerstone of our family. I hope and pray that our girls can say that their parents faith was number one in their parenting and in their lives.

(Easter 2009)