Thursday, March 17, 2016

St Patrick's Day


We started the day with green of course.  We all wore it.



The day was happy.  Abigail felt fine and we were all off.  

I couldn't wait for all of us to get home so that we could just 'be home'.


Earlier in the week there were a few out and about weekends.  Anna needed something at the store one night.  (a kind of store that only I could bring her to... I didn't mind, I love being with my twelve year old) And then another night Anna had a hair cut appointment.  (it came out smashing by the way a real middle school cut for sure... when I get around to it I'll take some real pictures of her)  Two evenings out and about are two evenings too many for me.  I love being home.


So on St. Patrick's day I really wanted us all home.  There were no 'programs'.  Nothing on the calendar.  Just us in green, celebrating St Patrick's day.  

But then.

I got a voicemail from the school nurse.  She said something like, "I have Abigail here.  I believe she's having an allergic reaction to something.  She's breathing fine and can swallow.  But her hands and feet are concerning.  They are swollen and she is complaining that they are burning."  

So I got in my car and rushed over to the school.  It was exactly what she said.  So at that time I was just puzzled.  Not too worried.  

I brought her home and decided to call her EoE dr since she deals with certain allergies.Scott convined me that she needed to see her pediatrition.  

I actually thought, "oh man.  There goes my cozy night at home."  I really wanted that night to start in the early afternoon.  But I brought her.  

They brought her in right away and almost right before my eyes the rash and reddness spread alllllll over.  



When the APRN says things like "I'm going to get one of our doctors".And I'm starting to think I should just get in the car and take her to the ER  that me forget all about my cozy night and really worry.

 (see that swollen foot?)

Her EoE doctor called me back right there in the pediatrition office and asked to speak to the doctor.  (worry elevated)

We were sent to the lab for quick blood work and rushed results.  


And then home.   Finally.  


We spent the rest of the night looking and looking at her skin.  Watching her carefully and wondering since we had no answers.  But our St. Patrick's day went on.  (next year a real Irish meal for sure)


*****  Right now we know she is fine.  But her feet and hands are still swollen.  Her rash is the same but we are not worried.  We just still don't know what caused it.  This little girl keeps up guessing and sure keeps us on our toes.  Her medical notebook sure is full.  ********

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