Friday, March 18, 2016

Big Trips

I was thinking about our summer plans and stressing out just a little.  The things that go through my mind are so varied like
* will I be able to find food for Abigail to eat (real concern)
* should I try to bring an color coordinated outfit for each day so I dont have to was or should I try to pack like a normal person (why bother asking myself that?)
* will Anna be able to handle this kind of trip that involves meeting people she doesn't know?
* what about my eating, although not allergic is so specific these days?
* should I go with mostly cool sundresses or will Anna want shorts?
* what fabric doesn't wrinkle the most but is the most cool?
* how can I possible bring enough for Abigail to eat on the day of travel (drive to NYC and 10 hour flight) ?

Crazy things.

And then I remember our first big trip.  Well, of course China was our first big trip.  But this was next.  Anna was three. And I got one of those Disney flyers in the mail.  It was a good deal.  And I asked Scott what he thought.  Three nights was what we could afford.  (which turned into four) And it was magical.


The excitement at the airport.



Lunches at the hotel.


We were constantly attached to Anna during this time in her life. Utterly, completly in love with her.


I learned looking back at these photos that the things Anna liked best about our "big trip" were the little things. A carton of milk on a boat from one park to another.


A tub of Cheerios and a fan to keep her cool.


Being held


And that toddler struggles come along on any trip


Everything is better with an orange pop (and a mommy who catches the drips so they don't stain your Animal Kingdom dress)


There were moments of tired and not caring at all where we were. (we ditched the stroller and I ended up carrying her most of the trip... in August heat... with her stuffed Nala)



And there were moments of pure joy (still attached)



The unexpected (like the raft ride to Tom Sawyer island) were the most memorable (she could have cared less about the amazing fireworks)


And that the joy in the trip is really in following your child's lead (dancing on Tom Sawyer island)


Closeness counts


And running down the hallway late at night, barefoot, with a too expensive parade balloon will be the memory we talk about for years and years.


Oh, and color coordinated outfits ARE super important!



  1. I adore this!
    And you!
    I love seeing the Tara before I knew her...
    Although she is the same exact amazing soul I know now.
    Anna. Running with the balloon. My favorite photo.
    And the smiles!!!!!
    They say Disney is the happiest place on Earth.'s got nothing on the Bakers!!!!!

  2. Oh my the sweet pictures of Anna are so precious! I remember the first time we took Isabella.


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