Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Snapshot

I had the most lovely, wonderful meeting with Anna's team (her 7th grade teachers) today. There are no pictures of course of all of us and Scott sitting around in a classroom. But I want to remember their genuine concern for her growth and in her potential. Anna is an all A's, 4.0 girl. She in the highest classes and doing dandy, but all kids have 'something' that is their goal. Something they need the goodness of great teachers to help them achieve their full potential. For Anna it is in self-advocating. Feeling brave enough to talk to a teacher, ask for something, anything. We have a plan for her to begin to self-advocate and feel safe in school and that feeeeeels good. Her teachers are grand and her school is amazing. Feeling very blessed. And that was all before 7:30 in the morning.

Our 'little' Anna (because she'll always be little to me) was up for the run the house challenge while we were at her school (in our backyard). She got her little sister up, did everything in the right order, got her the little bathroom cup of "cool water" because that's our routine. She had Abigail getting all dressed for school and got herself ready to go. She was organized and at the door when I walked in. I think she was so good I'm going to let her take over. (except that I love my domestic/mommy job toooo much to let it go)

At 8:30 I was a 'guest reader' in Abigail's school because it's Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day. I read Bread and Jam for Frances. It's memorized and it'll always be my favorite children's picture book.

By 9:30 I was across town at my little school teacher reading.

I love books. I love children. I love teaching reading. It was a wonderful morning.

By 2:00 both girls were home and we were on our way to viola lessons. We use the Suzuki method which means I'm present. No texting, no phone out. No magazine. No drop off. I choose that on purpose. It's my guaranteed 1.5 hours a week that I sit and listen to their beautiful classical music. But even more than that I listen to their learning. Right before my eyes. Light bulbs go on. And I have a front row seat. It's been eight years now. And I'm feeling very blessed for the part of viola that means that I'm really WITH them there.

Scott was home early tonight. He comes home early on swimming lessons night. Yes, she is at it again. Swimming that is. And it's getting better. She's not terrified anymore. She's starting to get the hang of it. And we're sticking with it until she's a swimmer.

We sat around our kitchen table tonight and shared our pot of minestrone soup and rolls. It was sooooo good. And then we helped with homework while making four lunches. We cleaned up and got the girls cozy. I started a new chapter book with Abigail in her bed while Scott was in Anna's room helping with a few last math problems.

After they were tucked in and sleeping we had a cuppa tea together and chatted about the kids where we teach. Teaching. And how what Scott suggested I try with a little troubled reader who is going through some things at home is really starting to work. And how she's coming along.

Now, it's time for reading in bed and blissful sleep.

I know. I really know how good my life is. Full. And wonderful. Scott and I are living in the 'good old days'. I mentioned that ten years from now when we're 52 I'll miss days like this and evenings like these. I'll probably be counting the days until I see Anna and visit Abigail. I told Scott I don't want those days. Ever. And he said, "those days will have wonderful blessings in them too." He's right. He always is.

But for now. I'll take today over then any day. Sure, I'd go back to Anna on my hip and a highchair in my kitchen. But I'm not waisting one of these 'good old days'

I think I'll pinch myself that I get to do it all over again tomorrow.

Good night.

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  1. Tara, this will forever be one of my favorite posts...
    Your perspective on life is inspiring and comforting.
    When those far away days come, your heart will rest in the fact that you enjoyed and appreciated and lived every. single. moment.
    Love you. : )


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