Tuesday, May 5, 2015



It's hard to imagine that she has been playing for three years.  Her hands are still oh so little on her viola.

But she's come so far this year. The music is sweet and she plays her songs with confidence. This, sitting next to her during her practices slows the world down even when I don't have time to stop and sit. But with the Suzuki method parents are a part of the lessons and the practices. And I wouldn't have in any other way.

Their music, both girls playing the viola has allowed me the opportunity to 'stop and smell the roses' just a bit. I can't cook dinner while I listen to a practice. I can't be on my phone during a lesson. I sit and and thank God for my daughters.  And that everyday is a wonderful thing.


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  1. Look at the concentration on that sweet little face..so precious! In answer to your question about Hayley, we were in a car accident in December. Hayley has been suffering from a concussion ever since. :-( Slowly improving but it's been a long journey and lots of Dr. visits. Have a great day!