Thursday, May 7, 2015

Just a Few More Days

She will be singing this song on the alter on Sunday...

I am the vine, you are the branches...

We are so excited for our little girl and her First Holy Communion coming up this Sunday, Mothers Day. I've been dreaming of this day since I took of her Baptism dress. Really, I have.


We are decorating and preparing.

The invitations have all gone out and the response cards have all arrived back.


It IS with great pride and joyful hearts...

3 collage


The favors are all made and waiting on a little silver tray from the girls tea sets. (summer wish)


'we would like to thank you for joining us on this most special day, Abigail's First Holy Communion. "How blessed is the girl who has made the Lord her trust" Psalm 40:4'


Her dress is in our home and it is delicious. Oh how I love that dress.


As a mama who loves to plan a party and family gathering I am feeling very peaceful. This is going to be my first non-Internet, non-pinterest party. I wanted to do it all myself.

 In my own style.

 So I did it the way that feels best to me.

 We are eating using China dishes (no paper), gorgeous napkins ironed and folded 'just so', and I am filling vases with flowers. Simple and elegant.

 I will set the tables on Saturday night and each person will have a beautiful place setting... no standing around here.

 I'm doing place cards too; I've decided to seat families together. No 'kids table'. Kids keep the adults on their best behavior and the children can play after. This is one special dinner and I want to sit with my family. I want to BE with Abigail on her day... not just 'see' her off in the distance and never with me.

 I am so very excited about the simplicity of Sunday and know that Jesus will be present.  There will be tears as I watch and feel the joy through Abigail.

I can not wait.

How blessed, how blessed, how blessed is the girl who has made the Lord her trust.  Amen!


  1. "I want to BE with Abigail on her day... not just 'see' her off in the distance and never with me." THIS. I feel this on birthdays, too, because here have been occasions before where I have felt as though I was so busy in the planning and orchestrating, I missed some of the special-ness.

  2. How perfect, Tara.
    How beautifully perfect.
    I am beyond happy for you and your family.
    And for sweet Abigail...
    Such love and joy and attention going into this day for her.
    And she will never forget it.
    Prayers for all of you. And you know I will be my heart.
    Oh...and I LOVE how you said you have been dreaming of this since you took off her baptism dress. It made me remember the exact moment I took off Flynn's dress. I was all alone. Everyone else had come and gone. All the excitement of the morning had faded to the quiet of the evening. And I remember lying her on our bed, taking in the smell of that glorious chrism oil, and thinking it would be the last time I would do this. And I cried. But now, you remind me of the joys yet to come.
    Have a wonderful day, dear friend. Savor every moment. : )
    Ok...I'm done.

  3. Oh what a beautiful day it will be....perfect in every way just how you planned it. Keeping it simple just how it should be to. to forget what the meaning of the day is all about...and being all together as a family...being with her not just seeing her..I love that❤️.
    And the favors I love them! What does the candle smell like? I have a love for candles:)
    I will be thinking and praying for all of you...


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