Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Regular Days

I don't think I'll ever forget this school year.  The highs and the lows.  It's one Scott and I will sit on the couch and chat about when we're old and gray.  Man oh man did we 'pour into' them this year.

Our straight A middle schooler.  How many nights have we said to her
~ that's enough
~ put it away
~ it's just a little homework assignment, not a huge report
~ Anna, time for bed

She likes homework.  It's her thing.  She doesn't love sports and lives the in happiness of her middle school binder and the "agenda" perfectly organized, wiped down with lysol wipes every day after school, She's never lost a pen or pencil and uses her supplies so well I think she could still be on her second grade back to school pencils. Oh, and she likes a little snack when she works late.


And then there is our second grader. How many nights we've said to her
~ please eat
~ Abigail, you lunch box is still completely full, you didn't even open your apple juice, you've gotta eat!
~ let's do some extra math together tonight with daddy
~ you're smart, you can do anything,

She likes homework too. She likes school. But she likes allll of the parts of school. While Anna reads a book every single lunch and eats all of her lunch Abigail talks her way though lunch forgetting about the eating part.


Yes, this year will never be forgotten. And that is a good thing.


French Toast Friday just so I remember forever. Although how could I forget... I'm on my seventh year. And yes, I cook it in butter..


And these smell soooo good.

That's all!


  1. Tara,
    I know I say this a lot.
    But I adore your life...your love of your life and your love of your home and family.
    I remember stalking...ahemmm...reading here long before I began my own blog, and thinking I wanted to be you when I grew up. : )
    And now...I call you friend.
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Oh...and I love the lights on the spring tree and the robin's nest on the table. : )

  2. It always blows my mind away at how much children in families are alike, yet so completely opposite. And the older they get, the more their personalities shine.


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