Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello My Darling

Oh this song... sends me right back to a memory like this one...

1989. High school Sophomores.  Oh he was sooooo cute.  And we had recently been on a class trip to Spain.  Something happened in my heart on that trip.  Although I knew that nothing happened in his heart it didn't matter.  I think I knew then, yes, I did, at the age of 16 that I could look into his eyes for the rest of my life.

I remember holding his hand under the table in the lunch cafeteria.  I remember dancing at the prom.  I remember saying goodbye as he drove off to college so far from the one I was starting.  I remember the looks, the smiles, the safety I felt with him.  Like I was home.

I remember four years later when he knew I was was the one for him.  Boy I waited a loooong time for God to stir in his heart.  And there has been a lot of life since then.  I am so in love, so grateful, just so darn happy to spend my life with that boy I fell in love with.

This song was written for us.  I know it.  She must have been watching us all these years.  I do adore...


We're as different as can be

I've noticed your remarkably relaxed

and I'm overly uptight
we balance out each other nicely
(right mom?)
We're opposites in every way but I can't resist it when you say 
hello how are you my darling today? 
everything I do adore... heaven help me


  1. sweetest song ever and sweetest story ever for the sweetest couple ever!

  2. You two are so sweet! I love that you're high school sweethearts like us! :)