Tuesday, January 6, 2015

From the Moment they Met

It's always when we are five minutes late getting into the car. She's writing something and asking for a piece of tape. I get it for her. And don't pay any attention; focusing on all the little details that need to happen five minutes ago.

And then I walk home and this is the first thing I see.


It's not uncommon. Notes are all over like this.

And I am grateful, praying that they don't grow out of pens, notes, and paper.

I'm not worried about the love... I know they'll never grow out of that.


Love at first sight...

You can count on me... 


  1. i hope they never out grow paper, pens and notes too!! love finding them here and there and aubrey is learning from 2 of the best letter writing sisters around!!
    love this so much.
    and that last pic....i have a few like that...i should show you!:)
    have a happy day tara

  2. So sweet! Juliana love leaving little notes for all of us.. Every February we leave love notes to one another on our bedroom doors...
    Love the last picture...it is precious.

  3. Love it! My girl's do the same and I've kept so many notes for the scrapbooks. These memories are true treasures filled with love! Have a very happy New Year!



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