Friday, January 9, 2015




The most important work Scott and I do does not take place...

~as a principal in his elementary school
~or as I stand at the counter cooking
~or cleaning or the laundry.
~or those little groups of readers I help

Sure it's a part of our every day.  Every single day.

Our most important work starts at 3:20 until we crash in bed at night.  Anna and Abigail get our full attention after school.


Lately Abigail has been having trouble learning in school (sigh) and this week we got a happy little email that the 'test on money' would be on Friday.



Our sweet girl didn't know the difference between a dime and a quarter.  Let alone how to add up a group of change.  My response... "won't she be using a debit card her whole life anyway?"  But yes, she has to know money.


So her daddy worked with her every night.  Every single night.  (and I'm so in love with him... have I ever said that on this blog?  I love him!)  Those eyes she gives him... here she was trying to explain in frustration that her brain works differently than other kids.  And why can't she just remember and think like everyone else.


But her daddy and I would have no part of that thinking.  We fill her with 'you're smart' 'you can do this' 'you are learning so much' 'you're amazing to us'...


And then when they're done working he makes her run victory laps shouting "I'm smart"  all around the house.


"The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely." ~ Louisa May Alcott


  1. Oh Tara...
    If ever there were a match made in is you and your Scott.
    She will get it. It will come.
    More importantly...and you have it covered...are her feelings of self esteem and attitude. So...there you go. : )

  2. How precious! Love those last two pics in particular. How did she do on her money test?


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