Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's 4!!!

Abigail Mei (Chinese for little sister) is four!  It's hard to imagine.  Somehow when it's one of my girls birthdays the day goes by way too quickly.  I try to make it special from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep and all the while I feel a mixture of elation and sadness.  How I wish I could do this forever, be home with little girls.  Truly my dream come true. 

I did a quick photo shoot of Abigail in our backyard.  It was on and off raining so we were quick.  I left on her "outfit of choice" for the day.  That tutu skirt and dragonfly tee shirt.  And her favorite part of the day, uncombed, undone hair.  Oh, and rain boots. 

Here's my FOUR year old!

(I'm sure you can't see it but I can... banana in her little cheek that she refused to swallow and I refused to let her get away without that one fruit bite for the day)  She was holding on to a silk worm that Anna found for her.  Holding it tight in her hands made for an adorable picture.

I always take a running one each year since my Dad did the same cute idea with Anna years ago. 

Four years old

3 years old

2 years old

One year old (since she couldn't walk there is no running picture)
Oh it sure is fun to look back

Abigail is pure sweetness.  She was the greatest surprise in my life.  Not just that I did get pregnant but that I learned a new kind of love with her.  I was terrified of a newborn since Anna was 14 months when she was adopted.  But it didn't take long for me to adore nurturing my newborn baby.  I soaked in and loved everything about that first newborn year and I try to soak in and love every day with her.  


  1. Wonderful pics! Wishing her a very happy birthday! :-)


  2. Oh these are just the sweetest!!
    That first one needs to framed for her new big girl bedroom for sure (banana, silk worm and all!) Love her outfit choice. That will be a special part of the days memories for sure.
    And the running pictures, what a great tradition! Is it too late for me to start that??:)
    Have a happy day and hope her birthday was a happy one.


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