Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Her Birthday At School

This was Abigail's first birthday celebration at school.  Since she goes to Preschool two mornings a week we had it the morning before her birthday.  She was thrill to take in these cupcakes to her friends. 

Here she is at preschool wearing her birthday crown.  Birthdays are so much fun!

Lately every time I point the camera at her she does this silly pose!  (which she learned from Anna)
Birthday's (and playdoh) at school are special!


  1. Oh I love getting glimpses of classrooms...even if it's just in the background, I miss them so much!:)
    Birthdays are the best and is that homemade play-doh? Now THAT is the best! Especially the scented kind!:)
    Have a happy day

    how did the getting up early go?

  2. She is so adorable! Love the cupcakes..too cute! Have a great day!