Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best Thing I Will EVER Do In My Life

The best thing I will EVER do in my life is to be a mother.  What an honor and joy it is to be theirs. We spent the beautiful New England spring day relaxing and just soaking in each other.  With Scott now home from China and Anna's First Communion just the day before we needed a day to relax.  Scott made such a pretty "luncheon" at home.  We had the beautiful white tent still up from Anna's First Communion.  So we dined in there among many of the roses still decorating the table.  It was truly lovely.

He took the other tables away from the event the day before to make it look just right for our little family.

The white tent made us squint but after the tons of pictures the day before I decided that it didn't matter...
Scott gave me beautiful things from his trip to China that I love but my favorite gifts were the homemade cards and schoolmade presents from my girls.  I love that 'all excited, beaming' look they have when they give them to me early in the morning!

In the afternoon Anna had a viola concert.  We loved it!
Now on to photoshop some of Anna's First Communion pictures and then I'll share.  Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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  1. Great pictures, looked like a wonderful day!