Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anna's Art Show

This was Anna's fourth year at art school.  She's always loved to draw and paint.  And since her regular schools art class is so varied in ability it just seems to go a bit slow for her (and without a lot of detailed instruction in drawing like this art school does.)  So for 4 years now I've been driving her 30 minutes to art school.  But its not just about the instruction.  Drawing is relaxing.  It's a comforting task for Anna and I want to give her things that she can go to in life that help her relax and enjoy herself.  Art is that for her.  

This year her Grandma and Grandpa came and Grandma B with cousin Emily.



  1. anyway you could send me the pic of the two of them... i would love to hang it in ems room. its precious....

  2. That is a beautiful work of art!
    Have you checked out the blog (or website?) Deep Space Sparkle? It's by an art teacher and she has lots of great project ideas!
    I think Anna would love browsing it for ideas!
    Have a happy day