Thursday, December 2, 2010

When the TV goes off, life begins

We have a huge TV, huge!  It's silly really since we're not big TV watchers.  When we put on our family room addition our huge TV seemed to be just part of it.  TV, sure my 3 year old could relax in front of it  a few hours a day, but I won't let her.  I've always hated the sound of the TV on the background.  I can't concentrate on what I'm doing, whether it's something important or not.  I can concentrate better with crying and fighting than I can with the TV on... crazy. 

So the girls have always known that when the show they are watching is over, they have to turn the TV off.  (and they'd better race to turn it off before one sec of the next one begins)  One show at a time and off when it's over, but now Advent began and I got this book...

Sorry, I can't figure out how to make it not blurry.  Anyway, it's filled with great family "god times" as we call them.  Little devotionals, stories, crafts, ideas to teach your children (and remind myself) about the true meaning of Christmas.  And my girls love it!  We've always had "family god time" and Scott and I take turns planning what to teach/do/learn together.  But these ideas are all a hit!

So why no TV?  There's just no time.  I want them to go play, argue if the have to, work it out, and move on.  Play with those toys before there are stacks more on Christmas morning, and have time for the ADVENTure of Christmas. 

With preschool, second grade, ballet, viola lessons, group viola class, art lessons, church school, kindermusik, we don't have time for it anyway.  We'll see how it goes.  But boy I sure am happy to not hear Dora singing in the background while I type...

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