Friday, December 31, 2010

First Donut

We always linger over a yummy breakfast on Christmas morning.  This year we decided to make homemade donuts since Abigail has never had one.  We were sure she'd love them!  After her first bite she said, "yum, these are good!"  And then she didn't have a single other bite.  I'm sure that her tastes have been changed because of her restricted diet.  For as long as she can remember she's never had dairy, soy, nuts, or fish.  So no cheese, no butter, no eating out really gave her a lack of taste for the yummy treats in life.  Although we make so many with "her ingredients" she just doesn't like them.  But of course Scott, Anna and I ate them all up!

I love Christmas breakfast.  Growing up it was special because it was the only meal Dad cooked.  Mom always made the table so pretty and Dad cooked a breakfast feast.  I still have to set a pretty table.  She might not have liked the donuts but they sure made for a pretty breakfast!  Yum!

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