Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A post only a Mother could Love

I didn't buy all of them
But today all of the 3T summer dresses
all 39 (ouch.... hope Scott's not reading this)
are folded up and packed away
Along with a dresser full of shirts, shorts, and such.
I have a hard time packing up Abigail and Anna's clothes at the end of a season.
Not sure if it's because they'll never be another 7 and 3 years summer
is it because I just love those dresses?
A little of both I think.
(There could be a post on each dress... as they each have a story and special memories but I thought I'd not bore you anymore)
And yes, the few pink hangers in this picture make me nuts.  I have a thing about hangers.
They all have to be going the same way and all have to be the same color.
Off to pull those pink ones out!


  1. I feel like running up and taking a picture of Em and Michael's closets right now :) 10 different color hangars.. at least they are all in the same direction :) We hand most of our stuff down to my neice Sadie and Missys girls and I still look at them wearing her clothes and wonder where my little girl went... a post on each dress might be a bit much.. but I could do the same believe it or not.. Every outfit does have a memory.

  2. I'm a "hangers all the same and facing the same way" kind of mommy too!! Drives my hubby nuts!!:)

  3. Aaah... I get that way over some of my boys smaller/fancier things .... it's amazing how they grow so quickly. Still haven't parted with some of my favorite little john-johns:)
    I like when all the hangers match too:))


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