Friday, October 1, 2010


How I love it in New York especially in the fall. 
I decied to go light and sleek. 
And although I loved just having a light purse across me,
I HATED not having my camera... never again! 
Sooooo  these were all taken on Scott's phone camera. 
Luckly Todd had his camera and I can't wait to see those!  
But for now....  I LOVE NEW YORK!

We found a treasure... somewhere I've never been. 
Unless perhaps with my Dad when I was too young to remember. 
I can almost hear him saying, "you've been there, lots of times"  Anyway, Bryant park was a quaint, pretty little park in the middle of crazy New York. 
There was beautiful detail everywhere; it was almost like being on a movie set. 
 Oh, and it was.  Just the night before we watched 'Letters to Juliet' and this park was in the movie, only for a minute. 
And I'm sure many others as well. 
By the was that cute little smiler is my beautiful goddaughter!
Bad picture of Abigail and I but look at that fence and plantings. 
And the detail on the Carousal. 
So beautiful. 
 My goddaughter, Maddie and one of my best friends. 
(who by the way takes her girls so often to NYC that Maddie thinks she lives there when she sees it on TV)

Did I mention yet that I wished I had my camera. 
I can almost see the shot that could have been, sigh... 
Anyway the park had this beautiful fountain and a breakfast and lunch stand area. 
Quaint, we loved it. 
Oh and also a book cart filled with children's books and mini tables and chairs for kids to read. 

The second annual Times Square photo with Leah!

Phone camera and all (I finally decided that I needed to try it) I adore this one. 
Such a sweet friendship.

Education Nation sponsored by NBC News had taken over Rockefeller Center. 
Really cool. 
As we walked by the girls were asked to write about a favorite teacher. 
Anna wrote, "Mrs. Bohle, I love you.  Love, Anna" 

It was such a wonderful day with our friends.  Can't wait to go back!

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