Thursday, October 14, 2010

On a lighter note

 A few years ago when Anna was 5 and Abigail only 1 we hiked to Heubline Tower. 
Anna loved it so much. 
She loves "distance".
Scott carried our 'non walker' in a backpack all the way up. 
On the way back down Abigail fell asleep.  It was a fun hike. 

So now that Anna is 7 and Abigail 3 we thought no backpack, no jogging stroller, she can walk. 
(and Scott said he wanted to carry her too) 
But she didn't want to walk at all...
so this is what our hike looked like this year. 

Poor Scott, he ended carrying her the whole way

Late afternoon with the sun streaming in.... beautiful!  I love fall!

Check out "yellow weebie". 
(anna's doll that goes EVERYWHERE with us) 
I never would have carried her too. 
Daddy is too good to them. 
Oh boy, if we were alone weebie would have had to walk herself. 

Bad one of Scott and Abigail but I love Anna in this one.  Simple her. 

Too dark and a bit blurry but someone saw us at the top and asked... I love that

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful hike and great family photo.
    I remember those days of "carry me!!" :)
    Enjoy the day


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