Wednesday, October 13, 2010

She made me think

The grandma at the bus stop sure made me think today.  She's very sweet and picks up her first grade granddaughter on Wednesday's.  Since it was such a beautiful, perfect weather day she walked the family dog.  So we chatted about dogs for a while.  And then she started telling me about her dog (not the family dog she had with her at the bus stop but her dog at home) 

"We have a sweet dog but I can't bring her anywhere where their might be other dogs.  He's just not good with other dogs."

"Oh, that's hard," I said chatting back. 

And then she shared her dogs story with me.  If only I could remember the exact words...

"He was found in the street...."she said. 

"He was alone for 3 months the vet thought when they found him.  So that's why he's not good socially.  He really does have a good disposition but he just didn't get the best start in life...."  she added.

"Terrible really.  Isn't it awful that he was left to fend for his own for 3 months?" she added.

And I agreed with her; sympathized with her.  And didn't think anything of it until I saw the bus pull up and my Chinese daughters' face in the window.  And I had to keep from crying. 

I wanted to scream because I'm so mad that that and so much worse happened to my DAUGHTER. 

She was found in the street. 

She was alone at just 14 days old.  She too was left to fend for herself.  Only to be brought to an orphanage to live for the next 14 months.  Those same 14 months that are supposed to be critical for brain development; teaching and hard wiring a brain for feeling love, being able to be attached and so much more.  They are supposed to be held, rocked, soothed, and fed.  Loved on, cared for, and so much more. 

And so when she said, "so that's why he's just not good with other dogs; not good socially.  He didn't get the best start in life."  I thought of Anna. 

What a treasure she is.  She survived.  And she's healing.  Gosh, I sure hope your dog is okay and has a good rest of his life.  But I think I'll just let that go and give my DAUGHTER everything I can.  She may not have had the best start in life but with our love she will be okay.  She will be happy. 

So don't blame me if I want to protect her just a tad more today than I might have if I didn't hear that story.  I think I'll go rock her to sleep...

And some may wonder why I'd share these thought on a blog.  But if you've seen Anna it's no surprise that she was adopted.  No surprise that she was born in China.  And I'm sure it's no surprise that she lived for some time in an orphanage there.  Behind that second grader; behind that happy, making up shows, singing all the time, lovin on her sister daughter of mine she "just didn't get the best start in life." 

So thanks to that sweet Grandma who I love chatting with at the bus stop.  You really made me think and remember. 

our first moment together


  1. God bless you.. and that sweet little Neice of mine :) She may not have gotten the best start, but without it you would not have her... and she would not have you... Some things, though more difficult than most of us can imagine, are meant to be. There is no question she is your daughter and was meant to be...

  2. funny how Dave's name ended up on this one.. It was from me :) he has a google account for work.. musy not have noticed when I signed in I signed in under him..


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