Friday, October 22, 2010

1000 Gifts

11.  nap time quiet and waking her up again
12.  the 3 year old words, "daddy's home"
13.  not knowing whats to come and not needing to
14.  crossing off my 'to - do' list
15.  running in the dark, early morning...
(well maybe its more, when I'm done)
16.  sisters doing an art project together after school, together
17.  sweet love since April 17, 1989
18.  two children who need me in such a profound way
19.  knowing how to take away some of Anna's pain
20.  little hats, little mittens that came out today

okay, so this doesn't fit at all.  This is just homework time/ smoothie time/ snack time one afternoon this week. 

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